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book easel

Sturdy acrylic plate stand. Machine-riveted to a heavy, vinyl coated, steel wire back brace. Made in the U.S.A. All are completely adjustable! Acrylic plate stands are ideal for displaying serving trays, plates, china, dinnerware, gift ware, artwork, tiles, framed photos, collectibles and plaques. Available in black or clear.

What works best for your displays:

Product Model Product Name Holds Items up to:
1PL Small Acrylic Base Wire Back 3"- 8" & up, 3" deep
2PL Medium Acrylic Base Wire Back 8"- 24" & up, 4.5" deep
3PL Large Acrylic Base Wire Back 9"- 18" & up, 4.5" deep
MINI Mini Acrylic Base and Acrylic Arm 2"- 6" & up, 2" deep